manchitro foundation

we help the poor people of bangladesh

about us

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  • Manchitro Foundation meeting

About us

Manchitro foundation Inc is considered as the non profitable organization and the plans and goals are discussed below.  On the basis of our foundations abilities we help the poor people and those who are below the poverty line. We would also like to help those children who face financial ...

What people says about us

  • বৃদ্ধাশ্রম প্রকল্প টি একটি সুন্দর উদ্যোগ । সফলতা কামনা করি । মানচিত্র ফাউন্ডেসনকে অভিনন্দন ...

    এস এ ফারুক ,ঢাকা

  • Thanks to the Maps Foundation for taking such an initiative. I hope the foundation's goal will be achieved one by one's efforts. Help for the neglected people of the society extend the ...  

    Dr, Shahiduzzaman . Dhaka . Bangladesh